Your company is searching for talent?

We can support you in identifying, recruiting and selecting the best talent for your company or business.  

 With our Talent Management methodology, we will walk together as partners of the Human Resources department of your company, guaranteeing to cover your needs effectively and with the necessary talent to strengthen your structure and improve the results of your processes. 

 We will carry out world-class recruitment activities such as: 

  1. Understand the structure and business objectives
  2. Understand the requirements and deliverables of the job position, as well as their inter-area interactions and with external entities.
  3. Publicar oferta de trabajo y seguimiento puntual con candidatos
  4. Llevar a cabo proceso de entrevistas 

-Behavioral interviews 

-Tension and stress interviews 

-Competency based 

-Case interviews focused on problem solving 

5.Candidate reference research 

6.Background checks 

7.Define and apply specific tests: 

-TPS Honesty 


-Technical knowledge based on real business cases 



8.Selection of potential candidates  

9.Coordinate interviews between the client and finalist candidates 

10.Coordinate the economic proposal with the selected candidate